Rise From The Shadows | S1E10: Character with Joe Bogdan

Rise From The Shadows | S1E10: Character with Joe Bogdan
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Happy Veterans Day! On this special edition of Rise From The Shadows, we welcome a Senior Noncommissioned Officer in the United States Air Force and cofounder and creator of Llama Leadership and cohost of the Llama Lounge Podcast, Joe Bogdan!

During this episode, Joe talks about an eye-opening experience he witnessed where a leader displayed low character and the impact it had on others. Character is a complex subject and it’s very hard to assess, but Joe goes into great detail by first helping you identify your personal core values. He also discusses the importance of developing and identifying an ethical framework.

This 20-minute episode is a crash course in Character from one of the best leaders in the United States Air Force.

Stay tuned for more information of the Lima Charlie Network during episode 58 of the Shadows Podcast: The Chronicles of Kaleth Wright on Monday, 22 November.

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Listen to and read all the amazing content over at www.llamaleadership.com

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