About the Host

Tripp Bodenheimer

Host, the Shadows Podcast

Tripp Bodenheimer "Bodhi" is the creator and host of the Shadows Podcast. Bodhi's father, Charlie experienced a sudden and tragic heart attack on 23 June 1993. Sixteen days later, his father passed away. Then on 23 August 1998, Bodhi's younger sister, Myers was shot and murdered. For years, Bodhi only shared his experiences with a select few people.

During the recent pandemic, Bodhi was asked to write an article for the Llama Leadership page and he decided to write one on his father's legacy (Article is located at In a Box or on Display? - The Llama Lounge (

Afterwards, he appeared on the Llama Lounge podcast to discuss his story. That sparked the idea of Bodhi creating his own podcast. He wanted to share his story to possibly inspire people who may have experienced a significant loss in their lives. This was the genesis of the Shadows Podcast.

"One thing is certain, we will ALL have or will face adversity in some way shape or form throughout our lives. We all respond to our trials and tribulations differently. Our diverse group of guests open up and share their motivational stories with the hope of inspiring our listeners. Everyone has a unique story to tell. The Shadows Podcast allows these stories to be told as we celebrate real people with real stories."