Rise From The Shadows: Behind The Mask with Noble & Kathy Gibbens

Rise From The Shadows: Behind The Mask with Noble & Kathy Gibbens
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Episode 5 of Rise From The Shadows: Behind the Mask is now available at https://linktr.ee/shadowspodcast or www.theshadowspodcast.com.

Every day we interact with other people’s masked versions of ourselves. Most people have a select few that they allow to unmask them. Often, our biggest struggle isn’t understanding others, but it’s trying to figure out who we are. When we pull off our masks and do some soul searching, it’s scary and frightening, but it can also be grateful and rewarding.

This week we have the power couple Noble and Kathy Gibbens joining us for the Rise From The Shadows! First, we have a guest returning to the Shadows for the third time. He’s an Emotional Intelligence Coach, founder, and host of the EQ Gangster Podcast, Noble Gibbens! He’s here today to pass along eleven emotional intelligence principles.

EQ Gangster – www.eqganster.com

After Noble’s message, we go from our emotional intelligence to critical thinking skills. We have the other half of this fantastic duo and host of the Filter It Through a Brain Cell Podcast, Kathy Gibbens! Kathy provides eleven reasons why good thinking skills can change the world.

The Filter It Through a Brain Cell Podcast – www.filteritthroughabraincell.com

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