Rise From The Shadows: Behind The Mask with Joe Bogdan and Steve Gamlin

Rise From The Shadows: Behind The Mask with Joe Bogdan and Steve Gamlin
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Episode 4 of Rise From The Shadows: Behind the Mask is now available at https://linktr.ee/shadowspodcast or www.theshadowspodcast.com.

Every day we interact with other people’s masked versions of ourselves. Most people have a select few that they allow to unmask them. Often, our biggest struggle isn’t understanding others but it’s trying to figure out who we indeed are. When we pull off our masks and do some soul searching, it’s scary and frightening, but it can also be grateful and rewarding.

This week we bring you a returning guest. He’s a Senior Noncommissioned Officer in the United States Air Force and the Chief of Enlisted Force Development, Headquarters Air Force, the creator of Llama Leadership, and cohost of the Llama Lounge Podcast, Joe Bogdan!! At the age of 40, Joe does some self-reflecting and discusses seeing the world through adult eyes. Joe discusses the five key things that have made him more aware of how he sees the world around him as his perspectives have changed in recent years.

Joe Bogdan’s LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jybogdan/

Llama Leadership: www.llamaleadership.com/

Then we bring you the Vision Board Master, the Motivational Firwood Guy, a Human Punch Up Specialist, and Comedian, Steve Gamlin! Steve shares his hardcore visualization tips, strategies, and the story behind how he is today. Steve encourages you to visualize your goals by thinking about what your goals look, feel, smell, and sound like. He will help your visualization at a deeper level and wake up the next day motivated and inspired.

Steve Gamlin’s LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/stevegamlin/

Motivational Firewood: www.motivationalfirewood.com

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