Rise From The Shadows: Behind The Mask with Demetrius Booth & Jerry Dugan

Rise From The Shadows: Behind The Mask with Demetrius Booth & Jerry Dugan
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Episode 6 of Rise From The Shadows: Behind the Mask is now available at https://linktr.ee/shadowspodcast or www.theshadowspodcast.com.

Every day we interact with other people's masked versions of ourselves. Most people have a select few that they allow to unmask them. Often, our biggest struggle isn't understanding others, but it's trying to figure out who we are. When we pull off our masks and do some soul searching, it's scary and frightening, but it can also be grateful and rewarding.

This week our first guest is a Senior Non-commissioned Officer in the United States Air Force and a Life and Executive Coach, Demetrius Booth. He starts our episode by reflecting on the meaning behind the word empowerment. His job as a Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force is to "empower people," but he's never had to use that phrase. Instead, he says it with his CHESS. He walks us through his acronym, CHESS, which stands for Change, Help, Encourage, Support, and Strengthen. Instead of empowering individuals, he enables self-growth and autonomy on their journey.

Demetrius Booth on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/demetrius-booth-0b0281154/

Our second guest this week is the Beyond the Rut Podcast host, Jerry Dugan. Jerry is here to talk to us about aligning and improving in the areas of our faith, fitness, family, finances, and future possibilities. Life hasn't always been a smooth road for Jerry, and he takes us back to his childhood, his experience with his parent's divorce, and how he and his younger brother had to prevent his father from taking his own life. Jerry's family had a bleak outlook on life, but Jerry wanted more. He started visualizing a better life which consisted of the 5 F's. He created a vision of life for himself. Jerry gets you asking yourself, "What does success look like for you?"

Beyond The Rut Podcast – https://beyondtherut.com/

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