Rise From The Shadows: Behind The Mask with Clay Smeltzer & Nancy John

Rise From The Shadows: Behind The Mask with Clay Smeltzer & Nancy John
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We don’t just interact with other people’s masked versions of themselves. Most people have a select few that they allow to unmask them. Often, our biggest struggle isn’t understanding others, but it’s trying to figure out who we truly are. When we pull off our masks and do some soul searching, It’s scary and frightening, but it can also be grateful and rewarding.

The Shadows Podcast returns with an all-new season of Rise From The Shadows Season 2, Behind the Mask at https://linktr.ee/shadowspodcast

Our first guest is the founder and host of the Purpose Infused Brotherhood Podcast, Clay Smeltzer! He will talk to us about the Many Mask That Men Wear. In this episode, he will help you reveal your purpose, experience the freedom of being your true self, and stay centered and not drift.

Then we bring you a returning guest to the Shadows, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Seed Leadership, a leadership coach to introverted leaders, a leadership facilitator, strategy consultant, and renowned public speaker Nancy John! And she talks to us about challenging ourselves to get comfortable being uncomfortable with moving Forward With Fear.

Purpose Infused Brotherhood: www.purposeinfusedbrotherhood.com

Seed Leadership: https://seedleadershipdevelopment.com/

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