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Great content!

In addition to being a guest on the podcast, I’m also a listener and fan of the show. The quality and quantity of content available for consumption, rivals any the best out there. Keep up the great work!

Exciting and Thought Provoking

I had a wonderful experience as a guest on the show. Bohdi was an excellent host who listens, asks deep engaging questions that brought the best out of the story. I felt like he was very engaging and that we produced great content.

The Chronicles of Brian G. Bachand: Episode 37

Pure Joy! I had the opportunity to be a guest on The Shadows Podcast. Bodi is a gem of host and human being that made conversation flow from start to finish. We all have a story to tell. However, to share that story their must be a trusting space - The Shadows Podcast is that space to listen and learn.

Content worth listening to!!

This podcast is diverse and has guests ranging from those in the military to athletes and coaches. It is packed with leadership and life lessons as well as just great stories.

Who knew talking about myself could be so much fun!

First off, I could listen to Bodhi's voice ALL DAY :) Then, of course, there's the depth of heart, character, and curiosity he brought to the episode that made the experience so meaningful. It was a pleasure and a privilege to have been a guest on The Shadows Podcast. I'm excited to dive into the other episodes and support the magical humans Bodhi brings on.

Moving, Inspirational and Actionable

I was honored to be a guest with Bodhi on the Shadows Podcast. First off, Bodhi is a one-of-a-kind host. He makes his guests and his audience feel comfortable, at ease and also engaged. He invites you into a safe space to grow, evolve and also kick some ass! And the topics Bodhi covers are all of the things we think about, worry about, and aspire to, but that we don't talk and open up about with our close family, friends or co-workers. Bodhi literally reads our collective minds with his topics and questions: "Yes! Bodhi! I've been wondering or struggling with that for so long, and I need to get this out and discuss! Thank you!" He attracts phenomenal guests, asks insightful questions and leaves his listeners better than when they started. The Shadows Podcast is a must!

Meaningful Conversations

I am both a listener and a guest of this podcast. As a listener, I gain insight from each episode from peoples' stories of overcoming adversity. As a guest, I found Tripp to be a thoughtful listener and he asked questions that got me to think deeper and share more. This podcast is an inspiration and a testament to the human spirit. (And I have to mention, Tripp - your voice is so calming and soothing. And your energy makes both your guests and listeners feel welcomed!)

Top Fan

This Podcast is a one-stop shop for all things professional/personal development. I really enjoy the wide array of guests that are selected. This Podcast does a great job on capturing different perspectives.

Great Quality content, info you wish you had sooner!

Super informative! So many different perspectives and opportunities to grow and learn from other professionals.

One of the best

As a fellow podcaster I get a lot out of listening to the shadows podcast. Amazing hosts, interesting guests, and a professional set up. Couldn’t ask for a better show. I’m always left feeling like I got some nugget of inspiration or motivation. You must check out this podcast!!

Great hosts, insightful content

I was fortunate to be asked to be a guest on the Podcast. This was my first podcast, so I was unsure what to expect. The hosts made me feel at ease and asked questions that generated a great discussion and exploration of the story I had to share. In addition to being a guest, I an an avid listener of the podcast.. The guests are diverse and the hosts are able to garner great take home messages.

In-Depth, Tantalizing, and Uplifting

Step into the shadows with this podcast: you’ll never look back. With a genuine commitment to stories that are interesting and digging deep — VERY deep — into the stories and people behind the stories, this podcast benefits a willingness to explore the subject and the topics discussed well beneath the surface, a strong conversational ability by the host, and a genuinely upbeat and positive worldview that takes in both the listener and everyone else involved. This is not just “any old” podcast. It’s a must-listen and captivating experience, deeply immersive, and always pointing towards the light. Add it to your queue right now!

Why you should listen.

I just got done listening to Tripp’s story on episode 3, and I am in tears. I have known him and at one point in a time worked with him, but after listening to this it all makes a little more sense. He took and would make the time to come to our shop after he moved to a different office to talk with us and always made sure we knew his door was open. He asked questions like “how is your day?” “How are you holding up?”. He wouldn’t settle for surface level answers either. He is one of the only reasons I saw any type of light in the tunnel for the majority of my career. I kept reminding myself that, there are Bodenheimers out there. This story shows exactly why he was so caring for everyone and why making connections was important. Because, you don’t know what people are going through and you don’t know how your words or actions will potentially change the course of their life. His struggles and hardships helped save my life. Which in turn has helped me to save others. This podcast is a great example of what is right in the world. What we should all strive to be. Better people. Not only his story but others make it relatable and to realize that you are not alone. I highly suggest you listen and share.

These guys are amazing

It was an honor to be a guest on their show! They asked great questions and they are truly making a difference and positive influence through their podcast!

Much needed light

The podcast brings a myriad of guests who bring light and positivity to this world!

Amazing Podcast

Bodhi does an amazing job sharing his story and letting others stories be heard and told! Something about his voice is always intriguing to listen to.

I was a guest, now I'm a listener!!!

I was a guest on The Shadows Podcast. One of the best interviews I've ever had, and I've had thousands. They asked me interesting and releavant questions I've never been asked before. A real rarity for me. As a result, I had a great time, gave a great interview, and entertained a lot of listeners. I'm now a regular listender myself. Give this one a try. You won't be disappointed. Gary K. Wolf, Creator of Roger Rabbit

Powerful and Inspiring

We all have a story to tell, and nowadays we sometimes get so wrapped up in our own lives we forget how much we can learn from listening to other’s stories! Shadows always has amazing guests, with stories that range from heartbreaking, inspirational, and always insightful. The Shadows hosts always do a great job facilitating the conversation, and making sure the guests are relatable. It’s like they’re all in your living room with you.

Incredible experience!

I was recently a guest on The Shadows Podcast. I’ve had the pleasure of being on many podcasts over the years and I cannot remember a more pleasant experience as I did with Tripp. I felt as if I was talking to a longtime friend and the questions he asked were very thought provoking and pulled out some great material! Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast, you won’t regret it. Chad Porter,

Definitely a great time!

I’m a huge fan of great podcast shows, and I gotta admit this one is already top of the list. The conversations always flow with ease and the listen-ability easily keeps you interested. Even if it’s for motivation or for guidance, or even for entertainment, there is always something new. Each episode is entirely different than the first and there are always NEW and surprising guests on the show. I’d definitely give this show a listen and subscribe cuz they are always putting new stuff! Like I said, it’s definitely a great time.

😳Amazing! Highly recommend!

I just listened to Ep. 3 about Bodhi’s personal story of tragedy & triumph. He was so vulnerable & transparent while sharing some very personal, very tragic losses in his life. And how he turned those tragedies into celebrations & triumphs. So powerful! Highly recommend! 🙌🏼