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Why you should listen.

I just got done listening to Tripp’s story on episode 3, and I am in tears. I have known him and at one point in a time worked with him, but after listening to this it all makes a little more sense. He took and would make the time to come to our shop after he moved to a different office to talk with us and always made sure we knew his door was open. He asked questions like “how is your day?”
“How are you holding up?”. He wouldn’t settle for surface level answers either. He is one of the only reasons I saw any type of light in the tunnel for the majority of my career. I kept reminding myself that, there are Bodenheimers out there.

This story shows exactly why he was so caring for everyone and why making connections was important. Because, you don’t know what people are going through and you don’t know how your words or actions will potentially change the course of their life. His struggles and hardships helped save my life. Which in turn has helped me to save others.

This podcast is a great example of what is right in the world. What we should all strive to be. Better people. Not only his story but others make it relatable and to realize that you are not alone. I highly suggest you listen and share.

Feb. 17, 2021 by Sybbs11 on Apple Podcasts

The Shadows Podcast