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Great podcast!

Always love podcasts with Tripp and Chief Wright...good to here them talking about current issues and the direction of leadership!

Season Finale was an understatement!

The Christmas mini-series season finale was a great idea! Different perspectives with unique messages were possibly the best was to close out the year.

One of the best podcast

Great podcast, love the episode season 1 episode 13 with Demetrius Booth and Mary Polanco. Talking about self care is important especially being in the military. Highly recommend giving this pod a listen. There’s always hidden gems in each episode.

Absolute best

Loved hearing all the old stories of family on Episode 87, Charlie Bodenheimer. This podcast is one of the best!!!

Awesome sauce

Shadows podcast has been such an awesome place to get insight from all angles of life! Keep up the good work Bodie!

Rebound: Dr Lonise Bias

The Shadows Podcast does a wonderful job of really tapping into the spirit of people and not just talk about the obvious. This particular interview really interested me due to my love of basketball. I didn’t realize she lost two sons and she is a true testament to grace and strength. Tripp…keep doing your thing my friend. Your platform is what the world needs!!!

Don’t fear the speaker

Tripp’s vulnerability and transparency makes his podcast refreshing and enjoyable!

What a great interviewer!

This podcast is so practical and insightful. He makes me want to listen longer. Love it.

You won't find a podcast with more variety than The Shadows Podcast

I love the diversity of guests that are on The Shadows Podcast. Hearing the different stories and perspectives from the guests is really inspiring. The interviews and conversations are authentic and raw and usually push me to be better in some way or cause me to open my mind to something new. This is a must for your podcast library.


Tripp is an incredible host of a very heart felt and insightful podcast show! The conversations are fun and really impactful as guests share their personal stories of overcoming hardships in life and the shadow part of themselves. We all have shadows. Learn how to overcome your shadows and step into your greatness! Highly recommend!!!!

Fun, deep, and insightful

Surprisingly heart-felt and vulnerable conversations. The host does a great job of navigating between compelling stories and useful advice. A good listen!

Great Stuff !

Thanks so much for being a part of the show! It was amazing and a pleasure to share the BUBS story 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Episode 90 Guest 🎤🔥

Thank you Tripp! You have an amazing show and you do an Excellent job as a host. Keep up the great work!


I got to be a guest on Tripp's show and we had such a high value convo! Keep up the amazing interviews and sharing your knowledge with the world. You ROCK!

Life Changing

Such a great show with an even better Host! Tripp does a great job putting these shows together, getting great guests and everything he does, adds value to people’s lives! I had the honor of being a guest and he made me feel right at home. Had a great time. I’ve been in this business a long time, Tripp is doing it right. Check it out!

Out of the darkness and into the light

It was such a privilege to be a guest on The Shadows with Tripp Bodheimer. I've been interviewed a lot over the years, and with few exceptions, everyone focuses on the high points and successes, which my ego likes, but always leaves me feeling a bit disingenuous. My conscience quietly reminds me that this can be a disservice to the audience. What's often missing is the struggle and the angst and the fear and trepidation that always precedes the big wins. Not enough people are asking questions along those lines, but Tripp does. And he does it with love and compassion. I am a pretty open book at this point in my life, because I feel like the good stuff comes from the tough stuff, but I shared things on this show that I have rarely told anyone, and certainly never told countless strangers all at the same time. It was cathartic and refreshing, and I hope inspiring to a few people. Tripp is doing important work. Give him a few hours of your time and you will find yourself with a new perspective. It's not supposed to be easy. That's the point. It's the struggle, and the overcoming that makes it all so worthwhile. And Tripp helps remind us of that very simple truth every time he turns that microphone on.

Quality Conversations with Quality people

I admire podcasters for all it takes to stay consistent and disciplined to provide content on a regular basis, and all the back office work that none of us see. Edward not only provides content, but high quality content with high quality people and stories. I experienced his personal quality and passion as a human being firsthand and the listeners can hear it in each episode. Thank you Tripp for bringing so many stories out of the shadows to your listeners around the globe.

True measure of care!!

Tripp knows what it means to care for people and demonstrates it with each episode. Somehow he finds a way to dig deep into someone's story without making the person feel as if he is being invasive. He creates amazing stories of resilience where the guests feel safe to share their story. The listener is drawn into the pain, huelrt or agony but leaves knowing what victory over defeat looks like. Step out of the shadows and experience healing through other's experiences.

Jackie Stiles’s review

I love the podcast, it is informative and inspiring!

Wow … just wow!!!

A wise person once said, “The greatest problem with communication is we don't listen to understand. We listen to reply.” After having worked with Edward for well over a year, he is truly one of those people who listens to understand. Whether he is the guest or the host/facilitator, it is evident that he takes the time to process what was said and responds in a way that doesn’t take away from the conversation, rather enriches it. If you haven’t seen Edward in action, please check out any of his podcasts. I have a feeling that you might walk away feeling similar to how I feel every time I connect with his work, “Time well spent!”

Tripp brings the vibes & convos! 💯👏

I truly enjoy the Shadows Podcast and was fortunate to be a guest on the show. Tripp (Bodhi) does an amazing job researching and preparing for the show and makes the conversation flow so easily. Tremendous guests and take-aways — I am a huge fan of Tripp and this podcast! 🖤🖤

Amazing Show

As a guest on the podcast, I appreciate the opportunity to share my story amongst so many other great guests and their amazing stories. Every episode has an amazing guest with an incredible story. The host gets in-depth with their stories in ways that few other podcasts do. Thanks for the great show!

You Need To Listen!

The Shadows Podcast represents real, relatable people, who are all on a mission to share what they've learned and learn what others are sharing. It's an incredible platform for genuine conversation and the host is incredibly insightful! I love this podcast so so much! It is my fuel when I need it to not only keep going but to never feel alone in the process!

A Reason to Wonder (and the Excuse to Pause)

We listen to others to hear ourselves...this podcast series gives you everything you need to press pause on the worry - and stress - to hear the music below the notes of the symphony. Sure, some people you'll resonate more with than others, but these episodes are designed with US in mind. Leaders, listeners, learners...people who want to be better tomorrow than we are today. Put these on in the background, sure. But, challenge yourself to listen with your notebook open and a pen in hand. Then, the opportunity will present itself...I promise. You WILL hear something that you will need to write down. My ask is simple: Write it down, think about it, and then find a way to share that with YOUR community. Imagine, if more of your friends knew what you were thinking and what you were being influenced by, maybe they would have something else to talk about the next time you see them!

Fabulous host!

Bodhi is a pro. He is deeply invested in his guests, and engages the listener in a story of growth that centers on you—the listener. Plus he brings a delicious sampler of ideas from a cross section of experiences and approaches that make shadows podcast a hit!

Real content from Real people

Between the Shadows and Rise from the Shadows episodes, this podcast is great for showing the great things being done by regular people. The messages are spot on and really make you think.

Check out what’s in the Shadows!

I was going to be a guest on the show, so I listened and now I’m hooked! Tripp is such an empathetic, engaging host and he brings the best out of his diverse, fascinating guests. Great for people in the shadows or trying to get through them! Inspiring and entertaining.

Showing Up

What to say about The Shadows Podcast - how about pure 🔥. Inspiring, motivational, authentic, vulnerable & positive! Who doesn't want a little of that in their life. Well put together, timely topics, and outstanding guests. Guarantee you will find something to like or provide a spark for you in this podcast! Give it a listen, and not just because I have had the honor to be a guest on the show 😉 As the old saying goes, just showing up is half the battle. The Shadows Podcast wins the battle by just showing up!

Super Connector!

Leadership is all about connection. Nothing more, nothing less. Tripp is a super-connector! This platform epitomizes that. If you're looking for thought-provoking conversations from a phenomenal host, you've come to the right place!

Total respect and appreciation!

Pure joy to share a conversation with Tripp Bodenheimer on his podcast. This guy has 'been there' in life, and now serves his fellow military brothers and sisters...and I am honored to have been invited to share my story in the hope it can provide value. I've been in broadcasting for 29 years, and I love 'real' conversations like this. Thank you Tripp!