The Shadows Podcast

A Reason to Wonder (and the Excuse to Pause)

We listen to others to hear ourselves...this podcast series gives you everything you need to press pause on the worry - and stress - to hear the music below the notes of the symphony. Sure, some people you'll resonate more with than others, but these episodes are designed with US in mind. Leaders, listeners, learners...people who want to be better tomorrow than we are today.

Put these on in the background, sure. But, challenge yourself to listen with your notebook open and a pen in hand. Then, the opportunity will present itself...I promise. You WILL hear something that you will need to write down. My ask is simple:

Write it down, think about it, and then find a way to share that with YOUR community. Imagine, if more of your friends knew what you were thinking and what you were being influenced by, maybe they would have something else to talk about the next time you see them!

Dec. 25, 2021 by Jason 'JW' Womack on This Website

The Shadows Podcast