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I was honored to be a guest with Bodhi on the Shadows Podcast. First off, Bodhi is a one-of-a-kind host. He makes his guests and his audience feel comfortable, at ease and also engaged. He invites you into a safe space to grow, evolve and also kick some ass!

And the topics Bodhi covers are all of the things we think about, worry about, and aspire to, but that we don't talk and open up about with our close family, friends or co-workers. Bodhi literally reads our collective minds with his topics and questions: "Yes! Bodhi! I've been wondering or struggling with that for so long, and I need to get this out and discuss! Thank you!"

He attracts phenomenal guests, asks insightful questions and leaves his listeners better than when they started. The Shadows Podcast is a must!

June 10, 2021 by Casey Berman on This Website

The Shadows Podcast