Episode 91: The Chronicles of Bill Brown

Episode 91: The Chronicles of Bill Brown

This week the Shadows Podcast has the honor of welcoming a United States Navy SEAL, Bill Brown! Bill helped found the annual Navy SEAL Hudson River Swim and is featured in David Goggins best-seller, New York Times bestseller, Can’t Hurt Me. This episode is available on at https://linktr.ee/ShadowsPodcast.

During this episode, Bill talks about his troubled youth in and out of detention centers and what led him to join the United States Navy. How did he get introduced to the Navy SEAL training? Bill walks us through the emotional and physical demanding Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training. Listen as Bill talks about his relationship with David Goggins. Why did he separate from the military? Bill walks us through the mental and combat stress that he endured throughout his military career.

Bill also talks about how he started the Navy SEAL Hudson River Swim, which takes place on August 6 in Jersey City, New Jersey. To find out more and/or donate money to assist veterans head over to https://gigo.org/pages/sealswim

Warnings this episode contains strong language which may be offensive to some viewers. It also includes trigger warnings such as: suicide, violence, combat and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Next week the Shadows Podcast, Episode 92: The Chronicles of Kevin Hines. Kevin attempted to take his life in September 2000 by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Not only did he survive, but he’s gone onto become a mental health advocate, world renowned public speakers, award winning documentary film maker, best-selling author, and host of the Hinesights Podcast.

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