Episode 82: The Chronicles of Jack O'Halloran

Episode 82: The Chronicles of Jack O'Halloran

What does Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Christopher Reeve, Chuck Norris, Tom Hanks, and Jimmy Hoffa all have in common? They’ve had interactions with our guest this week, Jack O’Halloran! Jack is known for his role in the original Superman films as the supervillain, “Non”. He’s also a former professional boxer, actor, and author, and grew up around organized crime. This episode was previously only available on YouTube, but now you can enjoy the very interesting story of Jack O’Halloran on the Shadows Podcast!

(3:19) What’s being discussed for the next Superman movie? Actor? Storyline?

(7:53) What was Jack’s role in the Rocky franchise?

(11:15) How did he go from aspirations of playing for the Philadelphia Eagles to becoming a professional boxer?

(14:38) Being diagnosed with acromegaly.

(19:52) Transitioning from boxing to acting and landing his first movie role in “Farewell My Lovely”.

(24:30) His interactions with Muhammad Ali and Jack walk us through his boxing career.

(33:16) Is he worried about possible chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) from a career in boxing?

(37:05) What it meant to be inducted into the California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fames.

(40:16) What role did he turn down that he regrets?

(43:30) He discusses being a part of King Kong.

(47:08) What was it like to work with Christopher Reeve? Issues with filming Superman and his opinions on the Richard Donner Cut.

(51:50) How was it filming a mute villain, Non?

(54:29) Memories from working with Dan Akroyd and Tom Hanks on the set of Dragnet.

(01:00:00) His relationship with Bruce Lee.

(01:02:40) His father was the head of Murder, Inc. He tells us about interactions with Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamsters, and the Kennedy’s. He also discusses his book, “Family Legacy”.

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