Episode 73: The Chronicles of Sherri Coale

Episode 73: The Chronicles of Sherri Coale

We continue the Rebound series with the legendary Hall of Fame Head Coach from the University of Oklahoma Women's Basketball program, Sherri Coale! Over her 25-year career, Coach Coale led Oklahoma to three Final Four appearances and coached Team USA in the Junior World Championship and World University Games.

During this episode Coach Coale talks about her upbringing in Oklahoma. How did she go from coaching high school basketball directly to Division I and heading up the Oklahoma women's basketball program? What were some of the early struggles she went through during the transition? What were some of the fantastic things her student-athletes did off the court to assist the community? How was awareness a vital part of the 2000 Sweet Sixteen run?

What was her experience like coaching the USA team in the Junior World Championships? How was her experience coaching alongside legendary Connecticut Head Coach, Gino Auriemma? Coach Coale then talks about "as fate would have it" she ended up coaching against Coach Auriemma and his women's Huskies in the 2002 National Championship game. What did she learn the most from her 2009 and 2010 Final Four teams? How was her experience winning a gold medal in Russia during the 2013 World University Games?

Finally, listen to Coach Coale walk us through her and her team's experience when the news broke that the 2020 season was shutting down during the pandemic. What was it like during the COVID season in 2021? How did a walk through her house lead to her retiring from coaching?

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