Episode 99: Clay Smeltzer

Episode 99: Clay Smeltzer

Clay Smeltzer is the founder and host of the Purpose Infused Brotherhood Podcast and a returning guest to the Shadows!

During this episode, Clay discusses his upbringing in the woods of York, Pennsylvania. What lessons did he learn from his grandfather and parents during his adolescent years that helped shape him into who he is today? Listen to Clay discuss how he went from a tunnel vision focus on playing professional baseball to realizing his dreams had shattered. How did this impact him later in life? How did this come to a head during Game of Thrones?

Clay also discusses his battles with anxiety and not being his authentic self. What advice would he give to adults and adolescents with this mental illness?

Finally, Clay talks about the fantastic things he’s doing with the Purpose Infused Brotherhood Podcast. Check them out at https://www.purposeinfusedbrotherhood.com/

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