Episode 85: The Chronicles of Jeff Johnston

Episode 85: The Chronicles of Jeff Johnston

Jeff Johnston is an Author, Founder of The Living Undeterred Project, and President of Premier Investments of Iowa, Inc.

During this episode, Jeff opens up about being on top of the mountain in life. He had a healthy family and a great job, and then one phone call changed his life.

On October 4, 2016, he received a phone call notifying him that his son had passed away from a heroin overdose. Jeff talks about having to break the news to his sons and the powerful message he delivered. He then chronicles the demons he and his wife had to battle with alcohol. Jeff would eventually become sober, but his wife never recovered, and unfortunately, Jeff’s wife passed away in June of 2021.

Through all his adversity, Jeff refuses to live with a victim mindset and focuses more on having a victor mindset. Things don’t happen to him; they happen for him.

He also talks about the Choices Network, being an author, his podcast, and the Living Undeterred Tour.

Follow Jeff and his sons as they travel 95-days to all 50 states in their quest to raise over one million dollars as part of their mental health initiative, the Living Undeterred Tour, at https://www.livingundeterred.org/.

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