Episode 80: The Chronicles of Roger Pollard

Episode 80: The Chronicles of Roger Pollard
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This week Roger Pollard joins the Shadows Podcast! Roger is a former Linebacker for North Carolina State. He also has experience as a High School Football Coach. He’s also an author and the founder of www.MotiveinMotivation.com.

(9:10) Roger talks about growing up in Coral Gables and his battle with asthma.

(11:42) When did he know football would be his focus?

(13:55) What was the recruiting process like for a high school kid?

(16:08) Why did he pick North Carolina State over schools like Florida State and Cincinnati?

(17:22) What was his relationship with Coach Chuck Amato?

(19:55) He talks about dislocating his kneecap one day before the MicronPC Bowl.

(21:27) Where was he during the tragic events of September 11, 2001, and how did that change their season?

(24:18) “It’s not about your product; it’s about your process.” He talks about the mindset behind his NC State team being #10 in the country while riding a 9-0 record and then losing several games to close out the season.

(29:07) His opinions on the transfer portal.

(32:18) What was it like going back to coach at his alma mater in Coral Gables?

(32:58) The biggest lesson he learned from his football career?

(37:03) What is the most significant difference between winning as a player vs. as a coach?

(43:58) What impact did COVID-19 have on his life?

(47:57) He was reported missing in 2021. He talks about his battle with significant depression and what changed his mindset, ultimately saving his life?

(55:06) His advice for anyone dealing with someone they know who’s addicted to social media.

(01:03:10) He discusses his Motivational and Football books.

(1:13:55) He tells us about his website www.motiveinmotivation.com.

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