Episode 78: The Chronicles of Jay Ly

Episode 78: The Chronicles of Jay Ly
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Jay Ly is a trainer, speaker, coach, military veteran, Founder and President of Golden Compass, and host of the Live Free Series Podcast.

During this episode, Jay talks about some of his struggles growing up. Why did he decide to join the United States Navy in 2008? How did he go from SEALs training to a career in Explosive Ordinance Disposal? What life event led to him separating from the military after thirteen years?

Jay also opens up about a life-changing moment that nearly cost him and many others their lives in Afghanistan. How did this moment push him in the direction of becoming a personal finance coach? Jay also talks to us about Golden Compass and his Live Free Series podcast.

To find out more about Golden Compass, visit https://www.linkedin.com/company/goldencompassllc/

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