Episode 75: The Chronicles of Anne O'Neil

Episode 75: The Chronicles of Anne O'Neil
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The Shadows Podcast wraps up season 2 of our March Madness-inspired Rebound series with Anne O’Neil! Anne was an academic and athletic All-American at Iowa State; she played in the WNBA, is currently a Senior Cyber Transformation Leader at Palo Alto Networks, and is the host of a new podcast titled, Get Busy Livin’.

In this episode, Anne walks us through her upbringing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and how trying new things as a curious kid led her to discover her love for basketball. Anne would eventually become a top 5 finalist for the Naismith High School Player of the Year and the 2000 Miss Iowa Basketball. What made her commit to the University of Illinois? As an All-Big Ten Freshman, why did she transfer to Iowa State? Anne also talks about the mental block she faced during her college career and what she did to overcome it. What was it like to wear a Team USA uniform during the World University Games?

Anne also talks about her career as a Senior Cyber Transformation Leader at Palo Alto Networks, her charity work, including the Special Olympics, and her podcast, Get Busy Livin’,

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Find out any and every Anne O’Neal to include the Get Busy Livin’ Podcast at https://www.anneoneil.co/

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