Episode 66: The Chronicles of Cristian Plascencia

Episode 66: The Chronicles of Cristian Plascencia
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This week we welcome Cristian Plascencia, the co-founder of The Durable Athlete, to the Shadows Podcast!

Cristian discusses how an early injury playing basketball landed him in a physical therapy clinic. This event eventually led to an internship before graduating high school. He continued to intern throughout college and was introduced to a holistic approach to health and fitness. He was taught the importance of nutrition, sleep, and our mental practices, which would later become part of the Durable Athlete pillars. He also discusses receiving a grant to research the effects of whole body vibration techniques. Cristian also discusses his time at the University of Texas, Austin, and how he landed a personal coaching position at the Onnit Gym. Finally, Cristian discusses all the incredible things he’s doing with the Durable Athlete.

If you’re looking to maximize the time you spend working out and want to optimize your recovery and performance, head over to https://durableathlete.com/

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