Episode 61: The Chronicles of DC Glenn

Episode 61: The Chronicles of DC Glenn
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From steaming collard greens and shucking peas to writing and recording a smash hit, “Whoomp! There It Is”, the Chronicles of DC Glenn is now available!

DC is a film actor, voice-over artist, and one-half of the iconic 90’s hip hop duo, Tag Team.

In this episode of the Shadows Podcast, he talks about how he established his hustler mentality at a young age. He also talks about he’s constantly trying to learn new things. He says, “There are no mistakes and no missed opportunities if you learn from it.”. DC also talks about meeting the other half of Tag Team, Steve Gibson, writing “Whoomp! There It Is”, how they got discovered, signing a bad record deal, being stuck in a twenty-year legal battle, and the viral Geico commercial, “Scoop! There It Is”.

Check out this episode and all past episodes of the Shadows Podcast at https://linktr.ee/ShadowsPodcast or www.theshadowspodcast.com.

Follow DC and Tag Team at: https://www.tagteambackagain.com/.

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