Episode 53: The Chronicles of Rob Sanderson

Episode 53: The Chronicles of Rob Sanderson
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Rob Sanderson is a retired Police Sergeant with 18 years of service and the Founder and Director of Surf Waves Enjoy Life (SWEL).

During this episode, Rob doesn’t hold back sharing his struggles. He talks about growing up as the son of a Navy fighter pilot and constantly having to adapt and overcome while struggling to fit into nine different schools.

He talks about wanting to join the Marines and had only four days away left in training when a blood infection kept him from graduating. Then he shares how the events of September 11, 2001 played a vital role in him becoming a police officer. Rob talks about his role in the emotional relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina. He’s also very candid about his battles with alcohol, acute trauma and post traumatic stress disorder and how he buried his feelings until he reached his breaking point. He advocates the importance of mental health and other helping agencies.

Finally, he discusses all the incredible things he and others are doing with SWEL. You can find out any and everything about SWEL at theswel.org

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