Episode 52: The Chronicles of Adrian Miller

Episode 52: The Chronicles of Adrian Miller
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Check out the latest episode of the Shadows Podcast: The Chronicles of Adrian Miller. Adrian is an incredibly outspoken and very honest New Yorker with a very big heart. She’s a sales consultant, trainer, author, avid traveler, amateur photographer, theater lover, movie goer and networker extraordinaire.

She launched her sales consulting business 3 decades ago and since then has worked in pretty much every industry and with companies large and small.

Adrian is the author of “The Blatant Truth: 50 Ways to Sales Success,” “The Blatant Truth: How to Not Screw Up The Customer Service Game,” and “Dispatches From the Frontline: Musings on Sales, Business Development and Networking”. She also has a large collection of artciles, blogs, and podcast interviews.

However, before all of her success, she talks about losing her father to a heart attack when she was sixteen years-old. She shares the lessons she learned from her parents at a young age. She also shares an incredible story of running into a salesman that her father bought his clothes from 50 years later.

Adrian encourages our listeners to live your best life and not to put off your dreams and to indulge in them now.

Check out this episode and all past episodes at https://lintr.ee/Shadows Podcast or www.theshadowspodcast.com

Check out Adrian’s Network at www.adriansnetwork.com and to check out Adrian’s Sales Training at www.adrianmiller.com.

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