Episode 43: The Chronicles of Kristen Joy

Episode 43: The Chronicles of Kristen Joy

Kristen Joy is an actress/model, the founder of Voluptuous Life, and is heavily involved in volunteering with racoon foster care.

On this episode of the Shadows Podcast, Kristen talks about going from New Jersey to California at the age of 17. How did she get into acting? She also talks about the highs and lows of Hollywood to include her audition for the role of the Pink Power Ranger, her role on Buddy the Vampire Slayer, and her intense scene from Wives with Knives.

She also discusses how she got involved in meditation and her impactful trip to India to meet with her Guru. Kristen also talks about living a vegetarian lifestyle, her work with racoon foster care, and the amazing things she’s doing over at http://www.voluptuouslife.com/

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