Episode 28: The Chronicles of Nikita Koloff

Episode 28: The Chronicles of Nikita Koloff

Former Professional Wrestler, Host of It's Time to Man Up Podcast, Author, and Co-founder, Man Camp

Nikita is a former professional wrestler turned minister. He is a proud family man, author, host of “It’s Time To Man Up” Podcast, and co-founder of Man Camp. Even if you’re not a pro wrestling fan, this is one of the most fascinating episodes to date. During this episode Nikita discusses:

- Being raised by a single mother in Minneapolis.

- Moving to Robbinsdale and interacting with Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, the Road Warriors, etc.

- Who was his first male mentor/father figure?

- How important was weight lifting and football during his teenage years?

- Fracturing both of his legs during his college football career at Golden Valley Lutheran College.

- Who convinced him to get involved in professional wrestling?

- How did his five-minute phone conversation with Jim Crockett lead to him getting hired by the National Wrestling Alliance, with no pro wrestling background or experience?

- His name change from Nelson Scott Simpson to Nikita Koloff.

- How did he learn to speak Russian and why did he not speak English in public for six months?

- His incident with the Russian Embassy while visiting Kuwait.

- Wrestling for hostile military crowds, being attacked by fans, and receiving death threats.

- Learning ring psychology while traveling the roads.

- What’s was his travel schedule like?

- What the tragic accident of Magnum TA meant to his career.

- Losing his wife, Mandy at the age of 26 to cancer and how that changed his outlook on life.

- His “Devine Appointment” in 1993 and how an alter call changed his life.

- Walking away from millions of dollars because he was “Successful, but unfulfilled.”

- How along with Lex Luger, they started the Man Camp.

- He discusses the three books he’s written.

- “It’s Time to Man Up” Podcast

- What is the biggest thing he’s learned about himself?

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