Episode 25: The Chronicles of Bob Gaylor

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force #5

On this episode of the Shadows Podcast, Chief Gaylor displays incredible recall of his 90 plus years of knowledge and experiences. He goes into great detail recapping his illustrious military career. Some of the topics he discussed in this episode:

- Why he initially joined the Air Force in September 1948?

- What were the three career field choices he was offered?

- He discusses racial and gender segregation and integration in the military.

- He talks about his relationship with Thomas Barnes, including their first meeting.

- How did he manage and what advice would he give to someone struggling to balance personal and professional life?

- He discusses his time as an instructor.

- What advice does he have for someone at a career crossroads?

- Did he ever consider going the officer route?

- When did he find out he was selected as Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force?

- What challenges did he encounter throughout his career?

- How he started “Wednesday with the Chief”.

- He gives his take on “What it is that great leaders do, that makes them great?”

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