Episode 14: The Chronicles of John Gronski

Episode 14: The Chronicles of John Gronski

40+ year retired Army Major General, Public Speaker, and a two-time Author

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Retired Army Major General with 40+ years of experience serving both active duty and the National Guard, public speaker, and author, John Gronski joins the Shadows Podcast!

On this episode loaded with leadership nuggets, John opens up about his upbringings in Pennsylvania. He discusses losing his mother three-days after he was born and how his father raised seven kids. Why did he join the military and the Army? He goes over his career active duty in the Army and the transition to the National Guard. He recaps the incredible 4,000 miles, 3-month adventure he made on bicycles with his wife and 15-month old son from Washington to Pennsylvania, to include a tense encounter with an angry bull. He goes over how intense some of his trainings were to include Ranger School. What was he doing during September 11, 2001 and the role of the Pennsylvania National Guard? He talks about commanding two different brigades. He tells an emotional story of September 15, 2005 and the inspirational story of Gunnery Sergeant Michael Burghardt. John also talks about the annual “living memorial” he does every year with a ruck march, involvement with the Boy Scouts, Leader Grove, Six Sigma, and so much more!

Go grab yourself a copy of John’s remarkable journey, The Ride of Our Lives: Lessons on Life, Leadership, and Love - The Ride of Our Lives: Lessons on Life, Leadership, and Love *Signed b – Leader Grove Store

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