Episode 117: Matt Doherty

Episode 117: Matt Doherty

Matt Doherty won a national championship as a member of the 1982 North Carolina Men’s Basketball team. He also coached at Notre Dame, North Carolina, Florida Atlantic, and SMU. He was the 2001 Associated Press Men’s Coach of the Year. He’s now an executive coach, author of Rebound: From Pain to Passion - Leadership Lessons Learned, and host of the Rebound Podcast.

During this episode of the Shadows Podcast presents the Rebound series, Coach Doherty discusses:

- Growing up in East Meadow, New York

- Discovering his passion for playing basketball

- The recruiting process and how culture ultimately led him to Chapel Hill.

- There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the 1981 National Championship game due to the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan. What was his mindset on the day of the biggest game of his career?

- His first impressions of a freshman named Mike Jordan?

- What were his takeaways from playing with James Worthy?

- Disappointment after missing a free throw with under a minute to go in the 1982 National Championship. What three things can you do when faced with adversity?

- What did Coach Smith say with his Tar Heels trailing Georgetown before Michael Jordan’s historic game-winning shot?

- Takeaways from his time playing for Coach Smith?

- How did the events of the 1984 NBA Draft push him away from basketball and into a downward spiral?

- Was diagnosed with symptoms of a chronic alcoholic, and his most significant accomplishment is being 35 years sober.

- His season as head coach at Notre Dame

- The summer of 2000 and landing the job at his alma mater, North Carolina.

- How did he feel watching Roy Williams and the players he recruited cutting down the nets after winning the 2005 National Championship?

- What would he do over again from his time in North Carolina?

- What makes him happy coaching now in 2023?

- Dealing with heavy depression and triggers after leaving North Carolina.

- What transpired and allowed himself forgiveness and closure with his meeting with Roy Williams?

- His book: Rebound: From Pain to Passion - Leadership Lessons Learned and The Rebound Podcast

- What does he want his legacy to be?

You can find out everything about Coach Doherty including his social media links, books, podcast, and coaching opportunities, at https://dohertycoaching.com/

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