Episode 112: Leah Amico (Part II)

Episode 112: Leah Amico (Part II)

Leah Amico is a 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, 3x NCAA National Champion, 2x World Champion, 3x First Team All-American, 3x Academic All-American, 2009 National Softball Hall of Fame Inductee, and host of the Gold Standard Podcast.

During Part II, Leah talks about the championship mindset and internal pressure she placed on herself once she returned to Tucson after the 1996 Summer Olympics. How did she balance academics and athletics and the stress of social comparisons? What new habits did she have to establish once she grated from college?

Leah then opens up about the tragedy that struck her college and Team USA Softball coach, Mike Candrea, just four weeks before the Olympics. She also shares her time with a friend and teammate, Julie Reitan. Julie taught her boldness and obedience and helped her find Christ in her life. Julie passed away one month after the national championship, but Leah shares how her legacy still lives.

Finally, Leah talks about her books, Victorious and Softball, Glory & God’s Story. She also discusses her decision to start her own Gold Standard Podcast.

Find out all about Leah at www.leahamico.com.

Instagram @leah20usa

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