Episode 111: Shana Francesca (Part II)

Episode 111: Shana Francesca (Part II)

Shana Francesca is a life designer, speaker, founder, and CEO of Concinnate. Shana has been featured in Shoutout LA, Living Cozy, and Emotional Intelligence + Magazine.

Previously on Part I of this conversation, Shana talked about the struggles she endured as a child. As an infant, her parents joined a Christian cult. Her parents also had no tools to process their childhood trauma. As a result, this led to an abusive household. Shana discusses being a victim of sexual assault throughout her childhood, which led to suicidal ideology, anorexia, and bulimia.

In Part II, Shana tells us what she did to escape that toxic environment at 26. What ultimately saved her life? How did generational trauma from her parents trickle down to her? How has it impacted her in relationships? Finally, Shana discusses being an author.

Find out all about Shana and Concinnate at: www.concinnate.world

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