Episode 109: Mo Isom Aiken (Part I)

Episode 109: Mo Isom Aiken (Part I)
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From Broken To Bold

Mo Isom Aiken had a record setting career as a goalie for Louisiana State University, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Public Speaker, and Christ-Follower.

Part I of this raw and candid interview starts with Mo taking us back to her upbringing in Marietta, Georgia. When did she discover her love for soccer? How did her healthy drive for success evolve into an unhealthy need for perfection? Everyone was praising Mo, but inside she was battling anorexia, bulimia and was addicted to diet pills. Listen as she talks about a heartwarming conversation her mother had with her before heading off to LSU.

Mo is transparent in talking about losing her father to suicide when she was nineteen. She says this filled her with hurt, pain, anger, and suicidal ideations. She also opens up about the car wreck she was involved in while driving from Baton Rouge to Atlanta. While hanging upside down in her car and blood pouring down her face, she became overwhelmed by the support and love of God.

Part II of this incredible interview will be available this Thursday, January 19.

Instagram: @moisom

Website: www.moisom.com

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