Episode 107: 2022 Year In Review New Years Day Special with Jerry Dugan

Episode 107: 2022 Year In Review New Years Day Special with Jerry Dugan
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Happy New Year from the Shadows Podcast! We roll into 2023 with a very special co-host, Jerry Dugan! Jerry is the host of the Beyond the Rut Podcast and tag team partner with the Lima Charlie Network.

This week we recap the months of July-December. Some of the topics discussed in this episode include:

- Recap of the Veterans Series and the way ahead for 2023.

- Rise From The Shadows Season 2: Behind the Mask.

- The experience of being a part of the Podcast Influencer group at the Air Force Sergeants Association Conference this past August in San Antonio, including Tripp’s travel issues.

- The idea behind rebranding and the 100th episode

- Jerry talks to Tripp about changes for the Shadows Podcast starting next week.

Special thanks to Jerry Dugan! Check out Beyond the Rut Podcast at https://beyondtherut.com/.

Check out the Shadows Podcast NEXT WEEK with the Broadcaster Entertainer for the Savannah Bananas, Bikko Skalla! He went from dreaming of making it to the major leagues in his background to becoming the voice of one of the most entertaining acts in sports with Banana Ball!

Check out this episode at www.linktr.ee/ShadowsPodcast, www.theshadowspodcast.com, and our YouTube Channel (@TheShadowsPodcast)!

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