Episode 103: Dr. Omar Reda

Episode 103: Dr. Omar Reda

“I am not a heart surgeon, but mending broken hearts is my true calling.”

Dr. Omar Reda is a global trauma expert, author, and public speaker. This week he joins us on the Shadows Podcast to take us through his journey of pain and joy, suffering and hope.

In this episode, Dr. Reda discusses the tribulations of his adolescent years in Libya. At an early age, his family suffered unimaginable losses, ultimately leading him to become a doctor. What was it like moving to the United States and facing discrimination and profiling as a young Arab Muslim man five months after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001? Dr. Reda endured tremendous trials and tribulations throughout his life, but he explains how he’s maintained such a positive mindset to this day.

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For all information on the amazing work Dr. Omar Reda is doing, head over to https://www.dromarreda.com/

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