Nov. 30, 2021

The Lima Charlie Network

What is the Lima Charlie Network?

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The Chronicles of Jaime Andrews is now available! Jaime is an award-winning actress, producer, business director, and playwright. She’s also appeared in many commercials, movies, and television shows to include TruTV’s World’s Dumbest.

She’s very transparent in this episode as she covers her upbr…

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Welcome to the Shadows Podcast! This the platform where all of our guest get to share their stories. We all have a story and this is your platform here at the Shadows Podcast!

New episodes are available every Thursday at

Follow us on Instagram @the_shadowspodcast
Like u…

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During this episode, Scott tells the story of listening to Leroy Garvin playing the harp at his mother's church every fourth Sunday while singing "A Motherless Child." That song resonated with him as an adopted child.

Scott discusses his journey from being born in England as Kelvin Franz Crowdy to…

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The Shadows Podcast: The Chronicles of Kaleth Wright is now available!

Kaleth is a retired senior noncommissioned officer in the United States Air Force who served as the 18th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force. He’s currently the Chief Executive Officer for the Air Force Aid Society.


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The EQ Gangster, Noble Gibbens is back! This time he’s joining us on the Shadows Podcast! If you’re looking to get on an emotional fitness program, this episode is for you!

Noble opens up about his upbringings and his emotional growth journey that stems all the way back to constantly arguing with …

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Happy Veterans Day! On this special edition of Rise From The Shadows, we welcome a Senior Noncommissioned Officer in the United States Air Force and cofounder and creator of Llama Leadership and cohost of the Llama Lounge Podcast, Joe Bogdan!

During this episode, Joe talks about an eye-opening exp…

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“The Gay Leadership Dude” Dr. Steve Yacovelli joins us this week on the Shadows Podcast! Steve is the author of, Pride Leadership and the owner and principal of TopDog Learning Group.

During this episode, Steve has made the most of the incredible opportunities he’s had in his incredible life. He w…

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Happy Halloween from the Shadows Podcast! Today we have a very special guest. She’s an accomplished author, actress (E.T., Cujo, The Howling, etc.), and the Scream Queen, Dee Wallace joins us for a Halloween edition of the Shadows Podcast now available at or https://linktr…

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Oct. 30, 2021

Off The Air - Fear

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."

This month on Off the Air, Caleb and Bodhi discuss fear. What is fear? Why do we fear the unknown? What makes our fears rational or irrational? How does anxiety factor into this? They also discuss the fear of public speaking and test anxiety.


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George Linen Jr. aka “Fresh Linen” is a Noncommissioned Officer in the United States Air Force, Airman Leadership School Instructor at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, and an accomplished spoken word artist, author, and Tedx speaker.
On this episode, George talks about the superpower we posses known a…

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Todd Simmons is the Chief Vision Officer and Founder of Courageous Leadership Alliance, a retired Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force with over 25 years of service, author, coach, business consultant, and public speaker.

During this episode, Todd opens up about his remarkable jour…

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Rob Sanderson is a retired Police Sergeant with 18 years of service and the Founder and Director of Surf Waves Enjoy Life (SWEL).

During this episode, Rob doesn’t hold back sharing his struggles. He talks about growing up as the son of a Navy fighter pilot and constantly having to adapt and overco…

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Amy Wade is a Senior Noncommissioned Officer in the United States Air Force and the Commandant at the Langley Airman Leadership School.

On this episode, Amy takes this time to reflect on uncomfortable situations that she was thrust into at a young age, such as a public speaking contest. As terrify…

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Check out the latest episode of the Shadows Podcast: The Chronicles of Adrian Miller. Adrian is an incredibly outspoken and very honest New Yorker with a very big heart. She’s a sales consultant, trainer, author, avid traveler, amateur photographer, theater lover, movie goer and networker extraordi…

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This week Todd Boczkowski joins us on an episode of the Shadows Podcast that’s filled with emotions.

Todd is a trauma and PTSD survivor, author of My Two Angels: Turning Tragedy into Triumph, an Air Force Veteran, and has been featured on several crime shows such as Forensic Files.
At the age of …

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Llama Lounge Takeover week continues as W. Scott Greene joins us on this episode of Rise From The Shadows!

On this episode, Scott talks about an article he wrote a few years ago titled “Attitude, Decisions, and Actions”. Scott shares his appreciation of the silence, solitude, peace, and darkness o…

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W. Scott Greene and Joe Bogdan from the Llama Leadership and the Llama Lounge Podcast takeover the Shadows Podcast for a special 50th episode!

They have a conversation Tripp Bodenheimer about the genesis of the Shadows Podcast. What’s the meaning behind the logo? What’s the process for scheduling …

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Sept. 24, 2021

Off the Air - Ego

Is Ego always a bad thing? How has your ego impacted someone you care for? How do you tame your ego? Why does ego always show up during feedback? Listen to Caleb “Pete” Pearson and Tripp “Buck” Bodenheimer discuss this topic on the September edition of the new Off the Air.

Book Recommendation: "…

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Tony Richardson is a retired officer from the United States Air Force and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Catalyst Group LLC.

During this episode, Tony talks about growing up in his Grandmothers one bed room house, dealing with domestic violence, and racial issues he encountered…

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Sha Sparks returns to the Shadows to discuss that voice inside our head. That voice can hurt us if we allow it to, but we need to realize that it can also empower us.

On this episode, Sha talks about how in life we all want to belong, be heard, not be alone, and to be loved. However, the road to g…

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Nancy John is the co-founder and CEO of Seed Leadership, a Leadership Coach to Introverted Leaders, a Leadership Facilitator and Strategy Consultant, and Public Speaker.

Nancy shares her incredible journey that helped shape her into who she is today from being born in India, attending grade schoo…

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Sha Sparks (CEO, Sparks of Fire International) joins Bodhi moments after recording her episode of Rise From The Shadows for some YouTube Exclusive content.

They preview her emotional episode where she opens up about how Hurt People, Hurt People and Empowered People, Empower People.

Check ou…

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We're back! Caleb and Bodhi have returned to update everyone on the status of the big three.

When is Ignite coming back? What's going to change with the Shadows Podcast? Now that Rise From The Shadows has taken off, will we get more episodes? Who are some of the upcoming guest?

Also, they answe…

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