Rise From The Shadows | S1E11: A Motherless Child with Scott Mason

Rise From The Shadows | S1E11: A Motherless Child with Scott Mason

On this Black Friday edition of Rise From The Shadows, we welcome Scott Mason back to the Shadows!

During this episode, Scott tells the story of listening to Leroy Garvin playing the harp at his mother's church every fourth Sunday while singing "A Motherless Child." That song resonated with him as an adopted child.

Scott discusses his journey from being born in England as Calvin Fronz Crowdey to being adopted by an African-American family and moving to Kansas. He struggled to come to terms with not being wanted by his family and was raised in an environment that opposed his destiny. He often wondered what his life would be like if he were still Calvin.

When he was 12-years old and his family was on vacation in Denver, he walked into a bookstore, and a cover spoke to him. It was D'Aularies' Greek Myths. The theme of heroes rising from adoption wasn't uncommon in this book, and he could relate to Percious and Moses. This book gave him a sense of hope that allowed him to face the monsters that he would eventually have to slay in life and was able to overcome his shadows.

Scott also encourages us to find our personal avatar through Greek Mythology.

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