Episode 79: The Chronicles of Jason Earle

Episode 79: The Chronicles of Jason Earle
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This week Jason Earle joins the Shadows Podcast! Brian is the Founder and CEO of Got Mold and MycoLab USA. You won't believe the unbelievable story he shares with our listeners this week on the Shadows Podcast.


(10:34) Growing up in what he recalls as a dysfunctional 1970's/80's house as a latchkey kid in central New Jersey.


(18:53) Going through his parent's divorce at 12 years old.


(23:15) He is transparent and vulnerable while recounting an argument with his mom, which led to her taking her life moments after. After this, what saved his life, and how did he overcome his inner demons?


(24:32) Diagnosed with Lyme disease.


(33:05) How did Jason go from dropping out of high school and getting a job at a gas station to getting hired to work on Wall Street, becoming the youngest broker ever?


(38:00) His experience at Hanover Sterling & Co. and how success came with increased drug and alcohol consumption.


(44:13) While sitting in Hawaii, his life changed while reading an article on a $55 million settlement from a moldy hotel.


(51:09) His mold sniffing dog, Oreo.


(58:52) For more information on Got Mold and free resources, and an exclusive offer for the Shadows listeners, head over to https://www.gotmold.com/shadows/ 

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