Episode 24: The Chronicles of Scott Mason

Episode 24: The Chronicles of Scott Mason

Business Owner, entrepreneur, accomplished executive and attorney with 25+ years of public, nonprofit, and private sector leadership, a September 11 Hero Award recipient and Host of the Purpose Highway Podcast.

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On this episode of the Shadows Podcast, the very charismatic, Scott Mason is a proud New Yorker, a business owner, entrepreneur, accomplished executive, and attorney with 25+ years of public, nonprofit, and private sector leadership.

Scott opens up about his upbringings that include being adopted by a military family and moving from England to Kansas. He shares stories of being bullied and some of the struggled he had to endure as a child.

He discusses the move and transition to New York and attending Columbia Law School. He talks about practicing law for 25 years including building safety regulations and social services.

Scott shares a very emotional story about his experience in New York City the morning of September 11, 2001. He also talks about his September 11 Hero Award for his work in the Emergency Control Center.

He also talks about transitioning into the non-profit sector, starting a printing business, his work as a motivational speaker, starting his small business consulting firm, and his involvement with the LGBTQ community.

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