Episode 15: The Chronicles of Natalie Higby

Episode 15: The Chronicles of Natalie Higby

Co-founder of the Durable Athlete, Breathwork Master, Personal Trainer and she assist with the Jr. NBA

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Personal Trainer, Breathwork Master, and Co-founder of the Durable Athlete, Natalie Higby joins the Shadows Podcast! 

Natalie talks about her upbringings in Texas. How her neighborhood and family helped shape her into who she is today. She walks us through her high school and college journey. When did her passion for training begin? Natalie also gives us her take on some fitness related questions including: body vs. weight training, the importance of joint, hip and body movement, and she gives a detailed explanation as to the importance of each of the four pillars of the Durable Athlete: movement, sleep, breath, and nutrition.

Natalie tells us about Onnit, Durable Athlete, and her role with the Jr. NBA.

She also covers mind and body awareness when training, her views on supplements, dieting, advice for parents and kids staying at home and how they can be active, her weekly workout routine, how COVID has impacted her, how she’s overcome her biggest struggle…her mindset, and what she wants to be known for 50 years from now.

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