Dec. 29, 2020

Episode 11: The Chronicles of Tim Lane

Episode 11: The Chronicles of Tim Lane

Former Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion, Creator of Stickboxing, and the founder of Tim Lane Fitness

Former Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion, creator of Stickboxing, and founder of Tim Lane Fitness, Tim Lane joins the Shadows Podcast!

Tim opens up about the struggles during his childhood to include: being bullied, dealing with the separation of his parents, being an Army brat and how he got involved in Judo. He discusses the incident that left him hospitalized and ultimately led him to leave Virginia for New York. Tim talks about being homeless, having the check for his first fight bounce, but who it was that finally accepted him. He talks about the influence of his trainer, Derek Panza. He takes us back to the moment he won the World Kickboxing Championship ten days after September 11, 2001 in New York City. He talks about what led him o retire and transition into a trainer role. What was the most rewarding moment he had as a trainer? How he got involved with Extreme Couture, Military Veterans and Players, and the creation of Stickboxing. Also, listen to Tim’s emotional response to what it is he wants to be known for.

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